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Unfortunately, most of what you need to succeed in your work involves skills you never took a class to acquire. And that can complicate the application process. When you look at the qualifications for entry-level jobs, many of the items on the list may be things you have not yet encountered. One story I tell in my book, Bring Your Brain to Workis that my oldest son, who was right out of college, was given an opportunity to apply for a position at a firm that normally was given to people with a few years of experience.

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Organizations expect people who are new to a role and particularly people who are new to a firm to grow into the position. They want new hires to ask a lot of questions, to seek out mentoring, and to even make a few mistakes as they get acclimated to a role.

That means that you should look for positions that will stretch you, not ones where you can already tick all the boxes. Unfortunately, many people particularly women focus on potential jobs for which they are already overly qualified.

In particular, an upward trajectory in the workplace requires consistent acquisition meaning of single and taken the set of skills needed to take on the next position.

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People who experience this syndrome worry that if others knew how unqualified they were for their position that they would not be able to keep their job.