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Assay systems Abstract The use of monoclonal antibodies is ubiquitous in science and biomedicine but the generation and validation process of antibodies is nevertheless complicated and time-consuming. To address these issues we developed a novel selective technology based on an artificial cell surface construct by which secreted antibodies were connected to the corresponding hybridoma cell when they possess the desired antigen-specificity.

Further the system enables the selection of desired isotypes and the screening for potential cross-reactivities in the same context. For the design of the construct we combined the transmembrane domain of the EGF-receptor with a hemagglutinin epitope and a biotin acceptor peptide and performed a transposon-mediated transfection of myeloma cell lines.

The stably transfected myeloma single bar potsdam line was used for the generation of hybridoma cells and an antigen- and isotype-specific screening method was established.

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The system has been validated for globular protein antigens as well as for haptens and enables a fast and early stage selection and validation of monoclonal antibodies in one step. Download PDF Introduction Antibodies are well known as universal binding molecules with a high specificity for their corresponding antigens and have found, therefore, widespread use in very many different areas of biology and medicine 1. Most murine antibodies are produced single bar potsdam by means of the single bar potsdam technique as monoclonal antibodies 2 or with the help of antibody gene libraries and display techniques as recombinant antibody fragments 3.

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Both methods have single bar potsdam advantages but also difficulties such that they are restricted to specialized laboratories and companies. Currently, the reliability of monoclonal antibodies was critically discussed in several publications 45 which is related to a growing demand of better validation and characterization of these molecules 678.

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Especially the hybridoma technique which results in full-length monoclonal antibodies can be single bar potsdam, labour-intensive and time-consuming Fig. Although several improvements have been tried in the course of the past years, the basic method is still very similar to the original method published by Köhler and Milstein 910 The critical issue in the development of antigen-specific hybridomas is the lack of any direct connection between the single bar potsdam cell and the released antibody.

Therefore, it is necessary to perform limited dilution techniques in order to separate single cells to ensure monoclonality.

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Unfortunately, this process could not be combined with a simultaneous, proper validation of the desired antibodies because the concentration in the supernatants are often very low at the early beginning of culture.

Figure 1 Schematic overview about conventional hybridoma technology compared side single bar potsdam side to the new selection approach. The picture reprinted by permission from Springer Nature 10 shows the process of monoclonal antibody generation via conventional hybridoma technology A and via the new selection approach using transgenic fusion cell lines B.

The fusion with transgenic myeloma cells allows a fast and efficient hybridoma screening in an isotype- or antigen-specific manner and allows an early screening for possible cross-reactivities.

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Full size image To facilitate the isolation of specific antibody-producing single bar potsdam, a method has to be established which temporarily restricts the cells from releasing the antibody into the culture medium and thus retaining the genotype the antibody-coding genes and the phenotype the produced antibodies in one entity.

Such precondition can easily be fulfilled when recombinant antibody fragments are isolated, e. To confer this basic principle to the hybridoma technique would require to capture the synthesized antibody on the surface of the synthesizing hybridoma cell Fig.

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To realize this, a covalent surface labeling of antibody-producing cells with biotin was accomplished in the past, which allowed the isolation of specific cells by means of avidin- or streptavidin-conjugated ligands binding the released antibodies However, chemical surface labeling is very often unpredictable and may disturb normal functions and the vitality of the cells.

We, therefore, tried to replace this principle by a more gentle method.

single bar potsdam

We transfected the single bar potsdam cells to be used for hybridoma fusion with a construct enabling the expression of a surface marker containing the acceptor peptide AP sequence for site-specific biotinylation by biotin ligase BirA