Single-species metapopulation dynamics concepts models and observations

Rudolph, G.

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single-species metapopulation dynamics concepts models and observations

The effects of functional diversity on biomass production, variability, and resilience of ecosystem functions in a tritrophic system. Schlägel, U. Obertegger, J. Petermann, R.

Based on these corpora, we construct 6 weighted and directed word co-occurrence networks. Besides all the networks exhibit scale-free and small-world features, we find several new non-trivial results, including connections among English words are denser, bilder kennenlernen the expression of English language is more flexible and powerful; the connection way among Spanish words is more stringent and this indicates that the Spanish grammar is more rigorous; values of many statistical parameters of the French and Spanish networks are very approximate and this shows that these two languages share many commonalities; Arabic and Russian words have many varieties, which result in rich types of words and a sparse connection among words; connections among Chinese words obey a more uniform distribution, and one inclines to use the least number of Chinese words to express the same complex information as those in other five languages. This shows that the expression of Chinese language is quite concise.

Weithoff Negative phototactic response to uvr in three cosmopolitan rotifers: a video analysis Approach. Hydrobiologia, Fossum, V.

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  2. Die Untersuchungen sollten sich über ein Zeitfenster erstrecken, das dem Lebenszyklus und der Lebensweise des Taxons entspricht.
  3. Publikationen - Ökologie und Ökosystemmodellierung - Prof. Dr. Ursula Gaedke - Universität Potsdam
  4. Z Haack, C.
  5. Theoretical Ecology, accepted.

Simons, S. Seibold, A. Wacker, G.

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Weithoff, M. Gossner, D. Prati, M.

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Joshi The relative importance of plant-soil feedbacks for plant-species performance increases with decreasing degree of herbivory. Oecologia Gaedke Nutrient retention by predators undermines predator coexistence on one prey. Pincebourde, D.

single-species metapopulation dynamics concepts models and observations singles rodewisch

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29. Island Biogeography and Invasive Species

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Out of Africa by spontaneous migration waves

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